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Pacifico Stone Product Catalog - Travertine


600x600mm, 800x400, 600x400, 600x300, 400x400, 300x300 & French Pattern.


Tiles, Pavers, Step Treads, Pool Copings, Wall Cappings, Stepping Stones, Slabs, Cobble Stones & Wall Cladding.


Honed (Filled & Unfilled), Tumbled, Polished (Filled), Sandblasted & Sawn.


Other Sizes and Formats for Special Projects On Special Order....

Pacifico Stone is the premium supplier of imported natural stone in the Sydney area. We import and supply natural stones such as Limestone, Marble Granite, Sandstone, and Travertine. One of our most popular natural stone products is our Travertine tiles.

Travertine is a unique style of marble stone that forms over the course of centuries near minerals or hot springs. It is a stone product that is very easy to maintain and quite popular for use in both the interior and exterior of Sydney homes. Naturally slip resistant and easy to keep clean, Travertine tiles are perfect for adding a decorative touch to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, outside walkways, and areas surrounding the pool.

Pacifico Stone offers Travertine tiles in several different styles, including honed, tumbled, polished, sandblasted and sawn finishes. This type of marble comes in an array of attractive colours, including shades of silver, ivory, light grey, and warm pink. In addition, we have nine different formats, one of which is certain to be perfect for your unique renovation project. These include stepping stones, cobblestones, slabs, pavers, step treads, tiles, pool coping, and wall cladding.

We have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding Travertine products to customers throughout the Sydney area. To view our expansive range of quality natural stone products, then contact us today.

Travertine - Project Gallery

Ivory Travertine Tiles, Steps and Planter Capping
Ivory Travertine Honed & Filled
Ivory French Pattern Tumbled Travertine
Silver Travertine
Ivory Travertine Honed & Unfilled
Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Surround
Ivory Medium Travertine
Travertine Pool Surround
Ivory Travertine Waterfront
Ivory Medium Travertine
Ivory Medium Unfilled Travertine
Nocce Travertine
Ivory Travertine Polished
Ivory Travertine Filled
Nocce Travertine
French Pattern Ivory Travertine Pool

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