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Stone Wall decorating extended variety in the Pacifico Stone arsenal of Rock Walls opens a horizon of more ideas for any Design.
A simple investment in cladding a vertical surface Indoor or Outdoor will transform the whole aspect of the residential or commercial space for those looking to impress.
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Stone Cladding is one of the most popular ways to decorate the interior and exteriors of your house. It is one of the most preferred because of its organic material, variations, and durability. If you have been looking for cladding stone suppliers in your region, then we- Pacifico Stone are your ideal choice. Since our inception, we have supplied the best stone cladding across Australia in the last 20 years. We have become one of the most successful cladding stone suppliers because of the following reasons:

  • Highest Quality Products
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 100 Guarantee on our workmanship
  • Excellent Customer Service Team
  • Partnership with well-known natural stone manufacturers across the globe
  • Range of natural stone variety- Pavers, Tiles, Slabs, Glass Mosaics
  • Display Showroom in Sutherland Shire for Customers to Visit and Witness the Quality of Stone

Pros Of Choosing Stone Cladding:

Choosing to have cladding stone in your property will add value and other enhancing factors to the property. Some of them are listed below:

1. The Unbeatable beautiful appearance – Every natural stone is unique based on its property. Cladding stones are extended decorative materials consumers use to enhance their beauty. Cladding stone can be expensive but has no match when it comes to its beauty.

2. Longer Lifespan compared to other stones- Stone Cladding provides higher durability, and you will be able to view this beautiful stone for years to come. 

3. Wide Ranges of Patterns- According to your personality and style, you can customise the stone cladding patterns to have your dream vision come true. 

4. Act as complementary material – The stone can be used with other material such as cement which can enhance the beauty of the cement within seconds. 

5. Different application for the furnished finish- Everyone loves to have a perfect finish to natural stone. With the help of several applications and processes, one can achieve a perfect finish to the stone claddings. 

6. Saves on electricity bill – Cladding Stones have the property of high insulation. So, it can keep the room warm and cool according to the weather, resulting in cutting down in electricity bills. 

7. Versatile in nature- Because of its property of beautifying the area, it is versatile and can be used anywhere indoors and outdoors. 

8. Resistant to Fire and Weather – Cladding Stones can withstand harsh weather conditions and be resistant to fire. So, you do not need to worry about damage during specific weather conditions.  

9. Resistant to Scratch and Abrasion – Cladding Stones are scratch-resistant, so in case of any incidents or accidents, you won’t need to worry about scratches. You can also let your toddlers and pets play in the area without any repercussion.

Cladding Stone range at Pacifico Stones
Our cladding stone range includes Tasman Black Graphite, Careyes Stones, Riviera Stone, Anthracite Quartzite, Pacifico Mixed Sydney Sandstone, Linden Quartzite, Ivory Travertine Rock Split, Silver Travertine Rock Split, Cubana Basalt Rock Split, Jakarana Slate, Santos Quartzite, Alpine Classic Random and more. You can visit our project gallery page to look at every tile we supply in this range. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about our services, talk to our customer care team today, who are outdoor cladding stone experts. Like our services and design, our customer care service will also not fail you under any circumstances. We believe in having room for improvement and working on it to get the best solutions. All you need to do is call us at 0412318270 or write us a mail at emilio@pacificostone.com.au. Always stay updated with our services and offers that will display on our social media handles- Facebook and Instagram.

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