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Glass Mosaic Tiles are one of the trending types of floor material of all time. Irrespective of designs come and go; Glass Mosaic Tiles will always remain one of the most preferred and favourite customers. Pacifico Stone in NSW is the top-rated tiles services provider for glass mosaic tiles style. We are a proud member of the Australian Stone Advisory Association-ASAA and have helped many of our costumes beautify your residential and commercial business properties.

How can Pacifico Stone help you with Glass Mosaic Tiles Services?

With over 20 years of experience, Pacifico Stone has built a fleet of happy customers to prefer and refer us to their friends and family for all types of glass mosaic tiles. One of the major reasons why we are one of the best is that we prioritize customer satisfaction. We have partnered with one of the best manufacturers in the world, that we directly import from them and hence we are also popular ranked as the best direct importers and suppliers of natural stone in the industry.

We at Pacifico Stone ensure each of our products is designed and manufactured with utmost attention to details. Our team of glass mosaic tiles are very dedicated and ensures that you receive the product that has undergone the quality checked.

What are the Advantages of Glass Mosaic Tiles?
Before you invest in any flooring material, you must understand the properties, pros, and cons of any flooring material.
Glass Mosaic Tiles are the best option for the Here are some reason why glass mosaic tiles can be beneficial for you:

1. Design- Glass Mosaic Tiles are never out of style. They always stand out and add a visual appeal to the eyes of the visitors. They are available in various colours, tones, shades, and texture to match your interiors and exteriors.
2. Easy to maintain- You do not need to work a lot on cleaning the glass. Glass tiles are resistant to mould, stains, and mildew. Considering the property of the glass, it is non-porous, so you can wash the tiles with water or damped clothes.
3. Environment-friendly- Most manufacturers recycle ceramics to make glass. By using glass-ceramics from manufacturers, you contribute to preserving the environment as well. You can always ask your glass mosaic tiles provider what are materials used to manufacture the tiles so you can also contribute your part to the environment.
4. Appearance- Glass Mosaic Tiles has a very elegant touch when it comes to appearance. When the light hits on the dark tiles it reflects light adding a luminescent glow to the flooring material.
5. Durability- Considering the flooring material is made from glass, there are high chances of crack. However, some manufacturers make unbreakable glass. You can always ask for a certificate from the manufacturer about the same.

Our Range of Glass Mosaic Tiles with colour

1. Leyla Glass Mosaics- Ankara, Athens, Barcelona, Beirut, Bali, Balmoral, Bora Bora, Crete, Fiji, New York and more.
2. Bisazza Mosaics Blends- Sydney, Paola, Ghiaccio, Liz, Palma, Sophia, Istanbul, Menorca, Salice and more.
3. Ezarri Mosaics- Niebla 2501B, Nibela 2502A, Nibela 2503D, Novela 2505A and more.
4. Trend- Azure 1, Azure 2, Azure 3, Bianca, Azure Mix Italian, Milan Mix Italian, Galaxy, Parma mix Italian and more.
5. Vidrepur Glass Mosaics- Fusion White, Malaga 110, Gibraltar 501, Almeria 508, Shell 552, Fusion Dark Blue, Alicante 516, Fusion Grey and more.
6. Pool Tile Plus Mosaics- Dreamland Beach, Kehena Beach, Grey Sand Beach, Puka Beach, Aashi Beach, Marley Beach and more.

Get in touch with us today to install one of the glass mosaics tiles in your bathroom. Call us at 0412 318 270 or write us a mail at, and our experts will make sure all details of the project are shared with you. Our customer care team service will assist you throughout the project, so you don’t face any inconvenience.


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