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Flagstone Tiles & Pavers in Sydney

Pacifico Stone: Flagstone Pavers

What are Flagstone Pavers?

– Flagstones are large rough-cut stones used to add a vibrant outdoorsy feel to any landscape. They have no uniform shape or thickness allowing them to be more suitable for curved and natural views rather than the sharp edges of more traditional stone tiles. In Sydney and other parts of Australia this has earned them the nickname of “crazy paving” because of the variety of shapes and sizes they come in.


– Flagstone pavers are often made from leftover material from more uniform tile cuts and as such have a unique pattern and are great for creating more natural looking spaces without the harsh edges of neat tile squares, allowing for curved paths and pleasing sight lines.

– The pavers can have a variety of thicknesses based on the material chosen so you’re always able to find the right fit for your projects.

– They offer a modern yet rustic flavour to any project from a small fireplace in the backyard to an expansive garden walkabout or a beautiful yet utilitarian driveway that exemplifies the Sydney spirit.

– Pavers guide your vision along their curves but not in a straight line in contrast to traditional tiles.

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